Why is there a membership fee?  Like all recreational activities, community choirs have dues, and ours are well below average. Running a choir costs a lot!  The good news is, we are a registered charity so members’ dues are tax deductible. Please see our donation page for more details on our finances.

Can my child join the choir? Yes, but if your child is 12 or under, they must be accompanied to all rehearsals and performances by an adult. There are additional fields for a parent or guardian to fill on the registration form of anyone under 18.

Which voice part should I choose on the Registration Form?
Here is a graphic showing general ranges. If you don’t have access to a piano, you can play these notes here – click on “octaves” to add more notes. If you still can’t decide, you can try out different sections until you find a good fit.

If I join, can you ensure my anonymity online? While we can keep your name out of the concert program and off our website, you will be performing in public, and anyone in the choir or audience may take your picture and post it on social media. We also record each concert, and it is sometimes shown on local TV or posted to YouTube.  That’s why we ask privacy and media release questions on the registration form.