Please consult our library list , then email our Librarian, Bentley Horne, with your requests.
Our Borrowing & Lending Policy:

The Pembroke Community Choir (PCC) has an extensive library and has established mutually beneficial borrowing relationships with several community choirs.

If your choir normally rents its music, we encourage you to consider waiving your rental fees for us, so that you can borrow freely from us. For choirs who agree to reciprocate, there is no rental fee for borrowing music from the PCC, but the borrower is responsible for shipping and insurance both ways, if needed.

For choirs who would charge us a rental fee, we charge the current Choirs Ontario rates per copy, and the borrower is responsible for shipping and insurance both ways, if needed. Orchestral scores, instrumental parts and oversized scores will be charged individually, taking into account a higher replacement cost.
1-10 pages $0.40
11-20 pages $0.65
21-50 pages  $1.15
51+ pages  $1.65

In addition to any rental fees, the borrower or renter must submit a refundable deposit of 25% of the estimated replacement cost, in the form of a cheque to the Pembroke Community Choir, dated on the Expected Return Date, which is one month after the last scheduled performance of the music. This cheque will be held and not cashed unless the music is overdue or returned damaged. Any extension of the Expected Return Date must be approved before that date. Any rental fees, shipping & insurance, and the deposit cheque must be received before the PCC will release the music.

For each week that the music is late, a fine of 10% of the deposit will be levied. If any music is lost or damaged (including indelible marking), the actual replacement cost will be deducted from the deposit. The renting or borrowing choir may opt to order the lost/damaged music directly, and have it shipped to the Librarian. If the deposit is insufficient to pay for fines and lost/damaged music, the borrower will be billed for the difference.

Any remaining deposit will be refunded after the PCC’s Music Librarian has inspected the returned music and acquired any necessary replacements.